Activated or Unactivated Windows 10 Product Keys

A smooth gameplay is every PC gamer’s desire. Yet, most of them are wondering if a real Windows 10 product key is a requirement for achieving it. Well, it’s absolutely not! But, the hindrance of a gaming experience may depend on an unactivated Windows 10.

Knowing Windows 10 Better: Its Activation and Restrictions

The verification of Windows 10 product legitimacy is activating it. However, you may also play games with an unactivated Windows 10 but, sad to say, it already has some limitations.

Limitations of Unactivated Windows 10 Product Keys

In case you still opt to use the unactivated products of Windows 10, expect to experience the following restrictions:

1-Cosmetic Annoyances

Visual distractions may bother every gamers who basically want to have a crystal clear screen and a personalized desktop. And certainly, the unactivated Windows 10 is a gateway for these distractions. Below are some examples of cosmetic annoyances that gamers may experience:

  • Persistent Watermark: The desktop background displays a translucent watermark showing the context “Activate Windows“. Well, it could be intrusive especially if you are a desktop user who gears toward an uncluttered screen.
  • Limited Personalization Options: Changing the wallpaper of the desktop, the image on the lock screen or the themes might be limited. Although, this setting or display features do not have a direct effect on the gameplay, it may however have an overall impact on the user’s experience. It may also result in the reduction on Windows environment personalization option. 

2-Security Updates

Your system might be vulnerable for viruses as the security patch may not be available.

How Important are Security Updates

Lacking of security updates is one of the major concern of the unactivated Windows 10 product key. This generally results to unpatched systems that may lead to malware susceptibility. There will also be some exploits that could either steal your data or interrupt your gameplay.

3-Feature Limitations

Players may experience restrictions to particular game features such as multiplayer option.

Conclusion: Windows 10 Activation or Inactivation

Generally, Windows 10 product keys have no direct connection to a player’s gaming performance. But, always keep in mind that using unactivated Windows 10 has some limitations that could negatively affect your game experience. The activation of Windows 10 through a legitimate product key is the best way to have a secure game play bypassing any interruptions. It may also be a good recommendation if you know ideas to generate games using Windows 10.

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